Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing Made Simple

Like many business owners who sell physical products that are manufactured overseas, you have probably considered purchasing them directly from the source. But where do you start? How do you locate a factory? How do you ensure that the products will meet your quality standards? Will there be a language barrier? What about the customs process?

Sourcing products from overseas can seem overwhelming. If you want to save money by purchasing your goods directly from the factory, QSI can help.

We Handle Everything

Cleared for public release by USARCENT PAO, MAJ Renee Russo.  For additional information, contact MCC Anthony C. Casullo at or DSN 318-439-6250 or COM 011-973-1785-6250As specialists in sourcing products directly from overseas manufacturers, we will navigate the entire import process for you. Let QSI…

  • Locate a legitimate manufacturer
  • Negotiate terms, agreements, and competitive pricing
  • Assure quality standards are met
  • Handle freight forwarding and the customs process

Aren’t you tired of paying too much for products from a wholesaler, or relying on them to keep your inventory in stock? Take control of your supply chain and eliminate back order status on your inventory by using QSI to import and manage your inventory.

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