About Us

Quick and Simple Imports, Inc. was founded in 2013 by two businessmen in Detroit, Michigan. QSI set out with a simple mission: to help small businesses level the playing field against their larger competitors by sourcing products directly from the manufacturer, avoiding costly wholesalers and maximizing Jim and Ryan examine materials from one of their suppliers. economies of scale. Since inception in 2013, we have been providing an average of 20-40% reduction of cost of goods sold, improving profit margins, and increasing speed to market for all our customers.

Surveying & Quality Assurance 

Our production team members in China and India are natives of the countries that manufacture our products.  QSI’s international staff members use their expertise of the cultural norms and professional standards of their countries to effectively communicate with our manufacturers. From surveying and evaluating manufacturers’ abilities to meet our needs, to overseeing production of goods, to managing quality control measures, our procurement and inspection team works to ensure that all products we import meet our customers’ expectations and specifications.

Shipping & Customs Clearance  

Once our procurement and inspection teams release products for shipping,  our specialized freight and customs crew take over, handling all processes for product compliance and shipment. 

Warehousing & Inventory Management

The warehouse team receives, unloads, and organizes goods for either immediate shipment or for warehousing.  They manage stored inventory, and pack and ship products as requested by our customers. 

Purchasing & Customer Satisfaction 

Our sales force works directly with customers to identify opportunities for cost-saving measures by evaluating business operations and supply-chain management.  The sales team is committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction to our customers in all areas, including production time, product quality, and cost savings. Above all, our sales specialists simplify the process of importing products and lowering costs for our customers by being the single contact point throughout the entire process.