Why should I work with an importer over my current wholesaler?

Working with an importer allows you to benefit from much lower prices on the goods you purchase. We maximize economies of scale by ordering by the full container load (FCL), reducing freight charges and increasing your bottom line. You gain far more flexibility, too: when working directly with the factory, you can request products made to your exact specifications, rather than having to rely on the limited inventory of the wholesaler.

Is my company too small to import?

Absolutely not! QSI has a variety of services to cater for businesses of any size. We specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses gain a competitive edge over their larger competitors. We work closely with customers to determine their needs: longevity and creating partnerships are our main goal.

What products can you import?

We can import almost anything. Our team can work with you to locate the right factory to manufacture the goods your business needs.

How do you ensure the quality of the products you import?

One of the biggest concerns businesses have is whether or not the end product will meet their quality standards. We have our own QSI employees physically overseeing each step of the manufacturing process, ensuring that quality standards are met. Our manufacturing partners in Asia have a tremendous amount of experience in manufacturing goods of all types.

We’ll work closely with you to determine your product specifications and quality standards, making sure that if products fail to meet your criteria, they are rejected before leaving the factory.

How long does it take to import my products?

A sample design can take as much time as needed – we’ll keep working until a final sample is chosen. Production can range anywhere between 20 and 60 days depending on the size of each order. Once manufacturing is complete, it takes 30-40 days for the product to reach our facility.

Our priority is ensuring the goods are delivered safely and in a timely manner.

I’d love to save money by purchasing in bulk orders, but I have nowhere to store that much inventory.

As well as importing products from the manufacturer, QSI also manages inventory. We can warehouse and store your inventory, fulfilling requests for your goods as you need them.